Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BBC coverage of the First Minister's speech

I don't know whether you got a chance to see the First Minster's speech online at Edinburgh castle today. It was covered life by the BBC. The coverage was atrocious with there being constant 'technical' difficulties which broke up the flow of the speech and the questions which were asked afterwards. This is not the first time that the BBC have done this and I expect that it won't be the last. The question you have to ask yourself is: 'If this were the Prime Minister of the UK would these 'technical' difficulties happen?'. Then when you add what Subrosa was saying on her blog it begins to look suspicious. Now, I am more than willing to accept that I may be adding 1+1 and coming to 3 but I suspect not.
Add to that the Paxman interview on BBC and it becomes absolutely clear that the state broadcaster is deliberately trying to interfere in the Scottish government's decision to hold a referendum. Add to it the furore about the lack of comments. Brian Wilson's blog, 'Blether with Brian', writing so few articles about the political situation in Scotland and the disappearance of Newsweek Scotland then it must be no smoke without fire.


  1. Umm! lets review the evidence '

    the 'Paxman' interview

    the lack of comments.(on) Brian Wilson's blog,

    'Blether with Brian', writing so few articles about the political situation in Scotland

    the disappearance of Newsweek Scotland

    Hmm! wonders

    Gedguys eureka! moment

  2. It's not the first time that BBC Scotland has had technical problems when dealing with an Scottish government event.

    I wonder with the vast amount of money we pay them, that they can't employ a few people who actually know what they're doing.

    I agree with you, it would have highly unlikely to have happened if it had been Cameron speaking at Edinburgh Castle, from which may heaven protect us.

    1. I know it wasn't my PC because when it kept happening I put on another BBC download beside it and it was perfect.

  3. Par for the course for the Labour apparatchiks in the News and Politics sections of BBC Scotland. I expect no better of them,and so I am rarely disappointed when they prove my lack of faith in their balance and objectivity correct.

    1. In a way it is really sad that a party, that once held the respect of all the working classes, have sunk to such depths of moral decline that they are willing to subvert the course of free speech.