Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Antony Worrall-Thompson

Recipe for a good day out:

Go to Tesco and steal some cheese and a bottle of wine or 'Ready, Steady, Crook'.
I wonder if this man had been a poor working class person desperate for something to eat, would he/she just been let off with a caution?


  1. Isn't he a pratt. He's finished now, I reckon. I certainly wouldn't want a tea leaf sponsoring my brand.

    But you know, it serves Tesco* right. Some of the small stores have only one or two manned checkouts.

    I refuse point blank to use them, as the only thing they do is increase unemployment and maximise Tesco profits. But in town early in the morning you just have to use them.

    Sometimes it's almost impossible to get something scanned and some of the staff are so sniffy with you when you call them over... and that bloody voice "unidentified object in the bagging area...." arrrghhhhh.

    * other stores have the same sneaky idea of making you act as checkout boys/girls for free. It's just that Tesco has more of them and they are the ones that have just been knocked over by AWT!

    PS: You won't believe this but the word recognition code on this post is ranterv! Honest!

  2. It looks like a publicity stunt as he's already done exclusives in the newspapers etc. Average earnings for a 'cry for help' scenario are about £500K, divided between the different newspapers, magazines and tv interviews etc. Plus extra interest in any new tv show or book are guaranteed so will generate extra revenue.

  3. tris,

    I agree with what you are saying, however ASDA are no better. I'm fed up getting stuff delivered by them and it is either off or unfrozen. fair enough, there is no complaint off them and they refund my money immediately but what I want is a service.

    "You won't believe this but the word recognition code on this post is ranterv!"

    What do you mean?

  4. RM,

    Who's going to but his books now and who's going to employ him on the TV?

  5. Ged. He's squeezed the pips out of his 'ready steady crook' daytime tv shows and 'posh' restaurant stuff. Losing millions and tanking.
    He's just following the usual path of shifting demographics to the next bunch of sheep and will do the Celeb stuff with heart rendering articles in the crap magazines. It's a path well followed by other failing 'celebs' - Madely, Cocozza, Katona, Barrymore, Jackboots Jacquie et al.
    It's a cliche' but 'any publicity is good publicity'. You just have to target the new audience. It's a trick as old as the hills and also serves a useful purpose for our cultural marxist society. Watch for numerous ologists to creep out of the woodwork to talk their society destroying rubbish about 'we're all the same ' etc.
    They require 'famous' people to pick over regularly to maintain their 'status' as well.

  6. RM,

    Can't disagree with you there.

  7. By the way, you missed out Bobby Moore and his love of watches.

  8. Ahh. Poor old Bobby. Was he an 'alleged' or a proper thief ?
    Not that it matters for the telly these days ( Jackie does shows about porn and Kerry warns us about drugs etc) but we have to get these things right.

  9. RM,

    Bobby was certainly a 'tea leaf' but the English press tried to put it over that he had forgotten to pay; as if!

  10. You know the code that you have to copy into the box at the bottom of your post to prove you are not a machine?

    Word verification.

    Well it was RANTERV

    I just thought it was appropriate...given the name of your blog.


  11. I didn't know that posters had to do that on my blog. How do I stop it?

  12. I'm not sure Gedguy. I'll try to work it out and get back to you.