Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Debate on the BBC

I have just watched the BBC's The Big Debate-Choosing Scotland's Future, many thanks to Monty for supplying the link. I was shocked, yes shocked, to see Glenn Campbell being unbiased in his role as the host. Long may that continue. I thought he handled it well and has my respect if not suspicion.

The biggest surprise for me, after Glenn Campbell, was the points put forward by Lesley Riddoch. Being English born and spending her childhood in Northern Ireland I would have expected a staunch Unionist. I was totally wrong and that says more about myself than anything else. She put over her points wonderfully and stumped Jim Wallace, on more than one occasion, and handled herself wonderfully against Johann Lamont. I think she was more for the Devo-max option than full independence but, in my opinion, was definitely against the status quo. Good all round performance.

Where do I start with the Advocate General of Scotland, Jim Wallace? Not only did Lesley Riddoch leave him a shivering wreck with her probing questions but he fell to pieces with Nicola's remarks as well.  If this is all that the Unionists can put up against us the referendum is already won. It was an atrocious performance and I would have expected a lot better off him. He obviously thought that he could come on and waffle his way through it because he was the Advocate General and the people would listen to his words of wisdom and worship at the altar of his profound pronouncements; sorry Jim, it doesn't work that way. Even Johann Lamont had to come to his rescue.

A very good performance by Johann. I think she is a far better operator than her predecessor. She is obviously used to the rough and tumble of politics and that showed. She stood her ground and tried, but failed, in my humble opinion, to put forward her case. I suspect that she is being hampered by what her bosses in the Labour party want her to say. I suspect that once free of Westminster she could be a person to watch out for.

What can I say about the lovely Nicola. She never put a foot wrong. If only she was 15 years older I would consider marrying her ;-)

On the whole I would say the the case for independence was won on this programme and, going by the applauses, so did the audience. I would have to congratulate the BBC in Scotland [someone pass me the sick bucket] for a well made and unbiased programme. I hope they continue to bring on guests like that.


  1. Good summing up Ged. I was devastated when Nicola married last year :(

    Amazing that 'The rhinestone Cowboy was so fair.
    I've found a good song to thank him..

    Lesley Riddoch is good but a bit of a fence sitter herself despite calling other folk fence sitters.
    I think you called her lesley lamont in your piece - suits her ;)

    1. I'll have a drink of what you're on. If you read the piece about Lesley Riddoch you will see that I didn't
      As to her marrying that 'swine', what can I say.
      Sad to say that I have that song on my PC along with another 54,000 other songs.

  2. Being Radio Tay AM I'd expect you to like the song Ged ;)

    Here's the Lesley Lamont bit...

    "Not only did Lesley Lamont leave him a shivering wreck "

    I don't go on the piss until Friday night these days :)

    1. Damn, you're right. Apologies. I'll change that. That's what I get for listening to my girlfriend while writing.

    2. Thanks for pointing that out. I have done it.
      By the way, I wasn't part of Ken's programme. He ran another programme, but didn't broadcast on it, it was all general interest articles with no music. I used to rib Ken and his country guests about their music. Ken was OK about that; a really nice man. I'll have to pop in and see him when I come up.
      I gave up drinking decades ago. I liked it too much. Mostly tee-total now but I might have a glass of red wine if she makes a nice meal.

    3. No probs. It often takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot anything amiss.
      I listen to Tay FM at nights if I'm driving. Although I turn the sound down when the adverts come on and then forget to turn the sound up again so get the next set of adverts when I remember ;)
      Can't beat a bottle of wine with a meal.

  3. Sorry guys, I just don't see it - I watched the show just now using your link (cheers) and it came across as a typically biased Beeb Jockland production with a typically biased audience loaded with Labour yoof activists and die-hards.
    Pure shite in fact.

    Bill Pickford.

    1. Anon,

      I agree about the audience members who were picked to speak but I thought, for BBC Scotland, it was basically fair. Nicola was given time to answer questions which wouldn't have happened on 'Question Time'.

    2. Bill.
      Maybe we're so used to blatant bias that it came as a surprise that the SNP were given time to speak this time. I see the Tories are complaining because they weren't in the debate. One independence supporter out of 5 and they still complain lol
      Plus of course the SNP were banned from all of the leader's debates in the run up to the last UK election.

  4. Audience!

    I have always found Lesley to be fair and balanced without promoting her own political leanings and having the knowledge far and above anyone else at Pacific Quay when she worked there.


    1. Got it now. I don't know where you get your info from but keep it coming. I will certainly spread the word about the oil and gas.
      I'm not too bothered about the shenanigans going on in BBC Scotland as we all know that it is totally corrupted. Seeing as many of us have accused the BBC of lying on the internet and the evidence of our accusations are free for anyone to look at, then why are they not suing us for libel if what we are saying is lies?
      I just love the internet.