Friday, January 6, 2012

USA's prior knowledge of an attack on Pear Harbour

There is enough evidence floating around to point to a conclusion that the USA had prior warning that an attack on Pearl Harbour was imminent. Why, you ask, would the USA want the Japanese to attack and destroy their fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbour? Because they wanted to get into the war but the American people would have kicked out anyone who would have brought them into the war. The American people were not interested in getting involved in what they saw as another European war. Therefore the government of the USA needed an excuse to join in. What better than to shock the American public with an undeclared act of war by an aggressor. Now let's look at some of the facts, some of the facts might shock you while others might not seem to be of importance until you view them in the context of the time.
The Japanese were on an empire building conquest of Asia because it needed the natural resources that it's own country did not possess. Japan was desperate to pull itself into the industrial age of the 20th century but lacked the natural resources to do so. Japan had no coal, oil, rubber or anything raw materials. According to the CIA World Factbook Japan has no natural resources whatsoever:
 'negligible mineral resources, fish
note: with virtually no energy natural resources, Japan is the world's largest importer of coal and liquefied natural gas, as well as the second largest importer of oil'
After the the Japanese were forced, by the USA, into signing the Convention of Kanagawa in 1854 where they were forced to open their ports to American ships, the Shogun era came to an end. It seems that Japan had no answer to the USA's military and industrial might and were determined never to be in that position again. The problem they had was the lack of resources and, therefore, set their sights on the Manchurian coal mines. After several wars with China and Russia the limits of Japan's empire began to grow but it still needed the raw materials that the colonies of the French, in Indo-China and the British in Malaysia had. To do that the Japanese first had to deal with the might of the USA and their Pacific fleet. This is what led up to the attack on Pearl Harbour.
It has been claimed by the USA that the attack was a surprise and, what information they did have was lost in a compounded series of mishaps and untimely intelligence failures. On top of that the USA had said that they had 'lost' the Japanese fleet as they had kept strict radio silence. This is all lies. The USA had broken the Japanese code in the autumn of 1940; a full 15 months before the attack. On top of that the Japanese fleet was in daily radio contact with their HQ back in Japan. The USA knew that the Japanese had plans to bomb Pearl Harbour. FDR [the American president] had sent the Pacific fleet from its base in the mainland to Hawaii in 1940. Many thought this was a good move to threaten any Japanese moves in the Pacific. FDR gave instructions for the fleet to remain in Pearl Harbour but admiral Richardson, in charge of the US fleet, complained so much about this that he was replaced by admiral Kimmel. He too complained about keeping the fleet in the Harbour. But back to the attack on the 7th of December, 1941, a few hours before the attack the aircraft carriers had slipped out of Pearl and were not there when the attack occurred; lucky for them but not so lucky for the 2,402 US personnel who were killed during the attack.

So, we have the USA sacrificing their own personnel to enable the USA to join in on the war against the Axis powers. This was not the first time that the USA have sacrificed their own citizens to enable a war to start and it wouldn't be the last.

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