Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is keeping pets similar to slavery?

I do not own a pet because I think of it as slavery. Ah, do I hear you say, where would these animals be without us? I suppose most of them wouldn't exist because evolution would never have produced them in the first place. Then, you would talk about how good we are to them.


Really? They said the same about slaves in the 19th century and before.

I am not talking about the kind of animals that humans have needed as beast of burden until we reached the technological stage where we were able to produce machines to replace those types on animals. I also accept that there are still places in the world where, for whatever reason, it is still imperative to use animals. I am only talking about those animals we use as pets. "But", you may say. "What about the old and infirm whose only comfort is the keeping of pets?"

Well, that is more down to an uncaring society than the need to enslave animals.
The sooner we substitute the term 'pets' for 'slave-animals' the better we will be in seeing it for what it really is.


  1. Pets can't be slaves because they can leave whenever they like and they don't do any work.
    Farm animals are slaves though as they can't leave when they like and some do work and some get eaten. And some work then get eaten ( horse steak is tasty).

  2. Gedguy

    Still in an Independent Scotland keeping any Pets Ooops! sorry 'slave-animals' will be banned or have be minimum priced at least.


    Yer! Disgusting or French ??

  3. Niko..
    If you've ever been to Cyprus or France and had a steak then you've probably had a horse steak. Good with pepper sauce and fries ;)

  4. RM,

    You mean free to leave like this:

  5. Niko,

    Absolutely and if these slave animals refused to be banned then we can always eat them.

  6. I've seen more stories and pictures of human ill treatment than animal ill treatment. Are we all slaves as well Ged ?

  7. RM,

    I surprised to think that you don't believe us still to be slaves. However, that is for another day [thanks for the idea] this one was about slave animals.

  8. You're only a slave if you choose to be Ged.
    With the exception of socialists and those on a low IQ who have no choice.

  9. RM,

    Fair point but check out how much tax, in its various forms, they take off you then see how much money you actually have for yourself. Even when you put to one side the income tax and rates and work out what else they tax you on it is maybe not slavery but certainly serfdom.

  10. I see what you're saying Ged but it's not outwith the wit of most folk to leave serfdom as they get older. Would you consider the following as serfs ?

    Tony Blair
    Hank Poulson
    Gordon Brown
    Fred Goodwin
    Alan Greenspan

    It's just that we weren't educated when we were younger so have missed the boat.
    I remember buying decent cars and holidays when I started earning and look back wishing I'd saved so that I could avoid staying a serf. Then I realised that you weren't supposed to be educated about such things. Those shiny things I bought were keeping the elite at the top and us at the bottom.
    If I re run my life I'd be a banker, economist or even a politician ( able to set the agenda and pull your friends and cronies aboard to enjoy the spoils).
    I have met folk who have run about in clapped out cars while they steadily run down their mortgage debt and bought btl's ( buy to lets) to cover their expenses on council tax, tv tax etc. But we thought they were a bit weird at the time. Not 'enjoying life'. They're certainly enjoying life now anyway.
    I've spoken to folk still at school and these important things are still not taught. Economics is made boring and uninteresting ( on purpose).
    Oh and banks still look at you as if you're mad if you want to pay off your mortgage quickly. 'With these low interest rates !' will be the stock reply.

  11. If there was anything that I could change it would be this unfair system in which me live in where, unless you are a successful capitalist, you are a serf.

  12. I think your right. Pets are slaves. The family dog would really like to be in a pack...doing canine pack things. Not walking the neighborhood on a rope and pooping on a sidewalk. Indoor cats suffer even more. We've created a mess with animals, it might take a while to change hearts and minds. Good post.

  13. When it's raining or snowing, I'm sure cats are more than happy to be indoors!

    1. I'm sure there are homeless humans who would like shelter in rain. Most of us don't consider that to be a fair excuse for slavery though