Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scottish Tories just don't get it

Ruth Davidson has called on the Scots to adopt the same policies as our English cousins.

She's got a cheek calling us "Nobody who is able to work should be allowed by choice to live off the rest of us without contributing". Really? Then maybe she should remind us which party was responsible for destroying the industrial capacity of Scotland in the first place. Up until Maggie Thatcher's destruction of Scottish industry the majority of Scots were decent hard-working people whose only interest was to earn enough to get by. It was Maggie's anti-social policies which got us into this mess in the first place. Which was the party which relaxed the regulations which stopped our banks from 'gambling'? Yes, that's right; the Tories.
But let's not forget what Labour did to us either. The Labour party, not only in Scotland but the rest of the UK as well, allowed itself to become a  satellite of the USSR by encouraging the Unions to create havoc in the UK industries. 
Again we have the Tories trying to lay the blame on the working classes for mistakes that both the Tories and the Labour party were both to blame for.


  1. Bang on. Cheeky bitch. She is Cameron's girl. We'll get nothing Scottish out of her.

    God the Tories made a dreadful mistake.

  2. Tris,

    No chance of the BBC reporting it that way.