Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cameron on the BBC

Here we go again.

Now Cameron is starting to unleash the big guns by speaking about the referendum on the Andrew Marr show and copied by their BBC lackeys in Pacific Quay. To show you how important the referendum is to the UK the interview with Cameron, about the referendum, lasted for approx 4 minutes and 15 seconds out of a programme that lasted about 58 minutes. It starts at 43:40 and lasts to 46:54. We should be thankful that they even gave us that.
The fact is, and Cameron has said this on more than one occasion, the referendum is up to the Scots but the UK media aren't exactly shouting this from the rooftops. It is obvious to anyone who has been watching this unfold that the Unionists are attempting to muddy the waters and cause panic amongst the Scots; he doesn't get it. Piss off the Scots and they'll hold a grudge for decades and, in some cases, centuries. All he has to do is count the amount of Tory MPs in Scotland and he'll see what I mean. It was Thatcher that destroyed the UK but Cameron is going to get the blame.

Cameron is talking about the legality of holding a referendum, of course he is, but you can be sure that the legality will be, like the Calman commission, kicked into the long grass and never heard of again. More muddying of the waters and ammunition to the slowly diminishing Unionist media in Scotland.
Then there is the old chestnut of the Scottish economy suffering because of the uncertainty of when the referendum  is to take place. Of course it is Mr. Cameron, which is why there has been so much inward investment in Scotland by the hard work of Alex Salmond, even after Mr. Cameron stood up in the House of Commons and advised businesses not to invest there. Which was the first time in the history of the UK that a Prime Minister has openly told companies not to invest in a part of the UK. I won't forget that.
During the interview Andrew Marr brought up the timing of the referendum and mentioned that it will happen at the time of the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn; so what. The Scottish government [administration according to Andrew Marr] will have the referendum when they said they would have it; in the second have of the 'administration'; Alex Salmond has made that perfectly clear.

All the jostling and complaining by the Unionists will not change that. It just makes them look desperate; which, at the moment, I'm sure they are. However, that will not last for too long and the Unionist bandwagon will get its act together and money, time and effort will be thrown at the NO vote. Their black ops has already begun and the political battle will, when Ed Milliband gets his act together, follow quite soon. They just need something to grab on to, which is what the muddying of the waters is all about. When the referendum comes our ace in the hole is the amount of feet we can put on the streets; it won't be about money.


Now we are being threatened!


  1. I love the comments when Alan Cochrane is allowed to spout his drivel in The Torygraph.
    I wonder how long this comment lasts for...


    Today 12:07 AM
    Alan, did you have a wee orgasm when you saw DCAM on the TV this morning "intervening"??

    I'm not so sure AS made the timetable for a referendum very clear Ged. The manifesto just said in 'the next parliament'.
    The SNP seem to be sitting back and allowing the other parties to regroup after their drubbing last May. Adding 'devo max' seems to be muddying the waters.
    Plus of course their two core policies of 'independence in Europe' and the 'renewables revolution' are both looking like finally being recognised as busted flushes. Corrupt and discredited. Their gravy train is hitting the buffers.

  2. RM,

    "Plus of course their two core policies of 'independence in Europe' and the 'renewables revolution' are both looking like finally being recognised as busted flushes"

    If you have any evidence of this then I certainly would be interested in reading it.
    As to the referendum Alex made it perfectly clear that it would be held in the second half of the Scottish government's term. I don't think he could make it any clearer than that.
    As to the SNP sitting back, what do you think they should do? I think, so far, Alex is happy that the Unionists are fighting amongst themselves.

  3. You can't be independent in Europe Ged. You do what the unelected politburo tell you what to do. End of.
    I won't bore you with hundreds of links showing you the massive scam that is 'renewables'. And the billions that we will waste before we finally kill it off.
    The SNP should stop poncing around the world wasting time with green issues ( Abu Dhabi this week - give me strengh) and get educating the people about independence and get the vote asap. They're sitting on the sidelines while the world comes crashing down. Making the chances of a referendum unlikely in a post depression period.
    You would almost think the SNP were a false flag operation.
    9 yrs after getting power they finally think about holding a referendum. The only reason hundreds of thousands of people keep voting for them. You don't think they will ever get elected post independence do you ? They're to the left of Labour and would give us a one party socialist state.

  4. RM,

    Independence in Europe means exactly what it says on the tin. Independent from the UK but we'll stay in Europe; simples. The difference is, we get a vote. However, Salmond has said we can have a referendum; it's called democracy in action as opposed to the Westminster politburo that was not elected by us.
    As to the renewables, it is neither here nor there is global warming is a scam or not. What is important is that we want to gear up to be able to make money out of it and bring employment to our peoples after decades of having our manufacturing industries wiped out by a Tory government.
    I'm surprised that you do not think that we are already in a depression. I wouldn't trust the figures from the UK treasury as far as I can throw them.
    By the way, we only got power last May. Prior to that we were a minority government, as you very well know, but didn't we do well.
    It would be helpful if you declared what your interest in politics were, but I assume you are not going to declare that, thereby putting me at a disadvantage.

  5. Gedguy

    Alex Salmond above all others knows he will lose the Referendum it is still too soon.
    Any excuse to postpone avoid put off till another Parliament The Referendum will be music to his and the other snp trouble makers ears at Holyrood.

    If not and they get thrashed (as all the evidence shows they will)
    then the snp will cry it was a rigged Unionist Ballot.
    And give them another grievance to carry for the next 70 years and reason to exist.

  6. Gedguy

    Alex Salmond above all others knows he will lose the Referendum it is still too soon.
    Any excuse to postpone avoid put off till another Parliament The Referendum will be music to his and the other snp trouble makers ears at Holyrood.

    If not and they get thrashed (as all the evidence shows they will)
    then the snp will cry it was a rigged Unionist Ballot.
    And give them another grievance to carry for the next 70 years and reason to exist.

  7. Ged.
    I want independence so will vote SNP. After the referendum I'll switch back to being apolitical. Voting for independent candidates rather than people who do what they're told by their leader to the detriment of their electors and country.
    There's no money to be made from renewables Ged. Can you explain how it makes money ?
    The SNP could have easily had a referendum in their first parliament. Wendy told the SNP to 'bring it on' and said Labour would support the legislation. Now the referendum could be from now until 2016. That's 9 years since the SNP came to power and shows they quite enjoy power for it's own sake and are putting off the referendum.
    There's no independence in Europe Ged. Can you tell me what aspect of our life isn't controlled by EU legislation ? It's run by an unelected elite on £300K plus exes and the kiddy on parliament rubber stamps legislation via majority voting. Good luck with your one vote there Ged.

  8. Oh I forgot. We've been in a depression since 2007. There has been no 'double dip' or 'slip back into recession'. I've banged on about this for years. Where did I say we weren't in a depression ? The effects of the depression are being hidden by printing money ( £300Bn so far ) and keeping mortgage rates at 0.5% in order to maintain the housing bubble at all costs. House prices must fall back to 3 times average salary ( £80K from the present £160K).
    Our debt is £4trillion with £1trillion admitted to. Our monthly deficit is £10Bn which is added to the debt annually. The governments answer is to print money to cover the interest payments while spending £10Bn more a month , increasing the interest payments, and so having to print more money to cover know where we're going here. It has to collapse and we have to take the pain. Spreading wars to deflect attention away from what's happening isn't the answer.

  9. Niko,

    "as all the evidence shows they will"

    Only time will tell. The last referendum held under the auspices of the UK government was rigged in such a way that it was impossible for home rule, even thought the majority of Scots voted for it.

  10. RM,

    "I want independence so will vote SNP. After the referendum I'll switch back to being apolitical"

    Me too.

    "Can you explain how it makes money"

    Countries and companies will need wind turbines and all the other 'stuff' that goes with it. That means jobs for us, if we can get into that market.

    "what aspect of our life isn't controlled by EU legislation"

    What aspect of our life isn't controlled by any state's legislation; be it the EU, UK or Scotland? By the way, I tend to agree with you about the EU and its unelected bodies, EFTA is beginning to look better all the time. The problem with EFTA is we would still have to encompass all the EU laws but have no vote; bit like it is just now.
    As to the depression, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The figures, by the UK treasury, are and always have been a con. You won't get me disagreeing with anything that you have said about that.

  11. It just seems pointless wanting independence Ged if nothing will change ( still controlled by Brussels).
    Renewables live or die on the public teat. Remove funding and they die ( hundreds of solar panel companies fold when feed in tariffs halved - although still 6 times standard rate for electricity generation)
    Each green job removes 3 useful jobs due to re drection of resources. China will undercut us in windmill and solar panel production until the cows come home.

  12. RM,

    Fair point about China but, at least, we can get in on the act. Whereas, just now we are under the auspices of the UK government.
    By the way, what would you want Scotland to do/be?

  13. We can get in on the renewables scam Ged but it's all out of the taxpayers pocket. Not a penny of 'investment' comes from anyone else. Energy companies just throw it on our tab via higher energy bills ( £300 to £6,000 annually depending on which report you want me to link you too ). The government just throws it on our debt and our grand kids debt ( £20Bn a year for the next 40 years if we stick to the present policy via the 2008 Climate Bill).
    I'd like to see a stop to all renewable scams. Private individuals could pay for what they want within planning laws. It's their money so they are entitled to waste it if they want.

    An independent Scotland should stay out of the EU and govern our own borders, budget, currency, interest rates, fishing policy, defence, agriculture policy, H&S policy, working practices, transport practices, health policy, drugs policy etc.

    I'd like to see us stop any more taxpayer funded renewable schemes.
    Divert resources to coal and shale oil.

  14. RM,

    I may have not made myself clear. We can sell them abroad. Denmark makes a good living out of it so why can't we. There are many states within the EU which is not blessed with enough natural resources like Scotland.

  15. Sell what abroad Ged ?
    If you mean renewable energy - No. It's too expensive and is the worst way to try and generate energy. That's why we import nuclear energy from France in the winter when our 3,600 windmills produce zero.
    If you mean windmills. No. Denmark is saturated. And like the rest of Europe, where subsidies have collapsed they are desperately trying to offload their stuff on us.( the new mugs on the block) That's why Spanish wind firms are locating here. Their public subsidy teat has been blocked off and they need fresh markets.

  16. RM,

    There is going to be a world market in this type of machinery and even a small percentage of the market would keep many Scots in work. Mony a mickle maks a muckle.

  17. We'd have to give the windmills away free Ged and cover any electricity shortages the customers have. There are only a few countries buying the stuff and they're getting the stuff from China where it's at cost price.

  18. RM,

    If that were the case then Denmark wouldn't be exporting them.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I made a typo on one of those links Ged. I'll try and get the proper link.

  21. The link has been closed Ged. Legal reasons I think.
    Vestas of Denmark seem to be having trouble now that the teat of taxpayers money has been squeezed. Like I was saying about solar panels ( hundreds of companies going bust when teat cut off) the windmills are the same....