Saturday, December 31, 2011

BBC Scotland minus comments

Here we go again. Just because the Scots are not willing to bow down to the glorious political announcements emanating from the Labour infested BBC's Pacific Quay in Glasgow all comments on BwB have been stopped. Not so in Wales and NI where the Welsh and Northern Irish are allowed to comment. Then, when you add the lack of political reporting on Brian's blog we have a situation where the BBC in Scotland are suppressing free speech from the very same people who pay for that service through the licence fee. It is a disgrace that the BBC in London are allowing, if not encouraging, this abomination of democracy.


  1. Thanks cynicalHighlander. I'll keep my eye on this but he posts so little nowadays that it's hardly worth the effort of having such a blog. Still it's better than nothing; which is what BBC Scotland are offering us.

  2. Gedguy

    wonder what 'WE' pay that tub of lard for hardly ever blogs and then waffles on about all the 'UNKNOWN' words he can find.

    you do know how to register for comments many sites require this
    might explain why you are finding it difficult. he he he

    Have looked on the UK unionist media blacklist and your not on it
    anyway this will help in your cause or mischief making.


    oh! and word verification is just acts as obstacle to people commenting and is a waste of time

  3. Niko,

    Thanks for the link, I've kept it.
    I actually like Brian's ability to use words greater than 5 letters, and no, I'm not excelled at the exuberance of my own verbosity. But I find it hard to disagree with you. I'll have to start taking the medicine again. Have a nice and safe New Year.

  4. Hello Gedguy,

    Unforunately, a sign og the times and not just in Scotland.

    Kind regards,