Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anti-Scottish rants

Here we go again. An article in the Mailonline which puts over only the Unionist viewpoint and doesn't even attempt to get a balance by asking what the SNP think. I shouldn't be surprised as the Mail [English version] is well known for it 'hang 'em high' attitude. When you read the article it is worth reading the rabid anti-Scottish postings by some of its readers; and they wonder why we have this sort of attitude towards independence. If the Scottish nationalists-as opposed to the British nationalists-posted those sort of anti-English statements it would be all over the papers, but it seems to be acceptable to say those types of things about the Scots in an 'English' paper. Sad really.
And then we have an English Libdem politician [Clegg] visiting Scotland and trying to tell us what we should be doing. I will be quick to add that not all Scottish Libdems take this stance. The blog by Andrew Page is well worth visiting. He seems to be a man that will not bow down to party dogma [unlike the Labour MPs and MSPs]. I respect a man who is willing to shelve his career to do what he thinks is right. Pity that we don't have more people like him.


  1. Gedguy

    Who cares what the snp think?
    And as for the 'rabid anti-Scottish postings' Both England and Scotland have lunatics who are unrepresentative of the main stream Public.
    And any thing anti-Scottish has been well matched by anti-English statements.

    If you want Independence fair enough but using the mentalists on both sides as the reason is pretty spurious.

    The fact is people aint gonna vote for or against Independence on the basis someone sticks their fingers up to them.

    I suggest you visit the Torygraph and you will meet many Nats there who have migrated from the Scotsman.............
    They have a nice line in anti-English sentiments

  2. Niko,

    "They have a nice line in anti-English sentiments"

    And as you very well know I have no time for them either especially when my daughter and grandkids are English.

  3. Gedguy

    Err! you mean part Scottish/Gaelic and part what? saxon

  4. My ex-wife was a Scouser and her family were Irish/Manx, so I assume that there was no Anglo-Saxon in their family at all. However, they were born in England and see themselves as English and I back that 100%. I hope that clears it up for you.

  5. You can quit without MY approval...

    Well, probably we can, and probably you could be forced into a situation where we have the referendum when we feel like it, and if it passes, what are you going to do?

    Send in the troops; take back governance to Westminster...?

    Oh please mr Cameron, do it. Do it.

    I can't wait.

  6. tris

    If they did do 'IT' the Scottish people would just shrug their shoulders and carry on as normal.

    A few snp loons might march up and down to no avail most wouldn't give a toss

  7. But if the government ignores them and refuses to organise the referendum to suit the Tories, what are the Tories going to do?

    Run the referendum themselves? Well probably yes. What if councils refuse to make property available to them... schools for example are within the remit of the Scottish government.

    What then if the SNP calls for a boycott of the Tory referendum hastily arranged in job centres or tax offices?

    What then if, a year later, the SNP, remember, the duly elected government of Scotland, decides to have a referendum. In schools.

    What would happen then? Would Cameron send in the troops.

    Of course he could order unionists to boycott it, but he can't stop us having one, unless he does it by force.

    And what if there were more people voted for in our referendum than voted against in the Tory referendum?

    I can see it taking all of Cameron's limited intellect to work out what to do. Even with the English civil service.

  8. Tris,

    I suspect, in that situation, the UK government would do a deal with the SNP. After all, they wouldn't want to lose contracts that the Scots would give out to English companies. we can't do, build everything ourselves. If/when independence comes you can be sure that the industrial and financial might of rUK would bring Cameron back in line. Like the USA, the business of the UK is business. I wouldn't be surprised if deals were already being done.