Sunday, December 20, 2009

New World Order: Is this really a threat?

The internet is full of blogs raging against the looming prospect of a 'New World Order' and the implications that may result to our freedoms. Many conspiracists see this as a 'take over' of the world by those at the top of the tree and will finally see the end of democracy as we know it. They may be correct in their protestations but, on the other hand, they may not have thought this one through to its logical conclusion. I have made no secret in the past about my dreams of having a world government where we are all equal citizens under the eye of the law. Of course, in any human society there will always be those who are more equal than others, but that is to be expected from human nature. So, is the concept of a world government such a bad idea? Many of you would say yes as you fear the loss of your imagined rights but you would have to balance this with the prospect of world peace.
If there were no nations then countries would not go to war, for whatever reasons they decided to go to war with each other in the past. Think of the massive military industries centred around the world which are geared up to destroying our fellow man. If you take the individual nation states out of the equation then one has no need for those huge industries to exist. The resources that those industries take up are phenomenal and those same resources could be used to futher the benefit of man as opposed to destroying us.
There is also the rampant bribery that is evident wherever one looks in the world. There are countries, the world over, whose leaders are feathering their own nests at the expense of their own citizens. Greed is everywhere and it is the fuel that stokes the fires of poverty and ignorance. There is the greed of the political leaders, the greed of multinational conglomerates and right down to the local thief who breaks into your house because you have something he wants. Our civilisation is flawed because we have built our society on the foundations of avarice and power. Might is right. God helps those who help themselves. We have all heard of those sayings but the truth of the matter is that is how this world functions and millions of people have to die needlessly in order for those two sayings to be seen to be correct. The removal of nations would relegate those leaders, who take bribes and those who give them, to oblivion. We waste so much of the Earth's natural resources to top up the pockets of men who are already rich and powerful.
Then there is the potential problem of total power for those who assume control in a world government; do we trust them? My honest answer would have to be, absolutely not! However, that sentiment would apply to any political system practising now. It is a healthy attitude to take, not to trust the people who govern us. There should be checks and balances to curtail the normal political activity of gaining more power because we all know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
At the end of the day we are not going to sort out the problems that we, as a species, have burdened this small planet with until we have a world government with enough power to counteract the self serving nation states and regional blocs that dominate the political structures of this world of ours. Is there going to massive upheavals while this process happens? Most certainly. Is there going to be wars and innocent people who will die during this process? I can see no other way to avoid this from happening. Are there going to be severe curtailments of what little rights we have? I hope that this will be a temporary measure and that democracy will eventually raise its head. But, most importantly, can we afford to allow the world to continue on the way that it is going? Most certainly not.
Therefore, I would have to conclude that a 'New World Order' just might be the only way for mankind to go.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Labour misusing council money

Well well well, the labour party in Prestonpans, in Scotland, have been using local taxpayers money to pay for a fund-raising barbeque for the Labour party.


In a statement, David Costello, chair of Prestonpans Labour Party, expressed "surprise" at the furore and said council support for the barbecue had been the result of a "long-standing agreement". So, the Labour party may have been illegally using local tapayers money for years and all they can say is it's a "long-standing agreement". Well, that's ok then. I wonder how an employee of a company, who has been ripping it off for years, would stand in court with the excuse that it was a "long-standing agreement"? More to the point, why isn't BBC Scotland News highlighting this blatant misuse of public money? Could it be that it may shed some bad light on their Labour masters in Scotland?
Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray in local donor row this article appeared in the BBC Scotland News website.