Sunday, February 21, 2010

What has Labour ever done for us?

What is it that that the Labour voters have been voting for in Scotland?

They have been voting for a Prime Minister in Westminster that has been reported to the National Bullying Helpline.
Guardian:Civil service chief warned Gordon Brown over abusive treatment of staff

They have been voting for a party which is abusing its electorate.
Police are asked to investigate SPT expenses and even an article by Jenny Hjul, who is well known in cybernat circles for being anti SNP, for having a go.
The SPT is symptomatic of wider public sector excess

Then we have the case of the Livingston MP, Jim Devine who is being investigated by the police and faces criminal charges of theft by false accounting .
Expenses MP Jim Devine says he was told ‘to move money around’
This is the same MP who was accused of 'harrassment' by a woman MP
Jim Devine denies harassing Tory woman

On top of all this we have, for the first time a Speaker in the House of Commons having to step down from his post
Parliament loses right to run its affairs as Speaker Michael Martin resigns

There is also the squabble happening in East Lothian where the Labour party activists have voted to deselect their own MP,Anne Moffat.
Labour in disarray in East Lothian as activists turn on MP

Then there was the interminable delay in the Glasgow North East by-election of 116 days. That's 116 days when the people of Glasgow North East had no representative in the House of Commons. A delay that could and should have been avoided.
Glasgow North East by-election delay 'avoidable'
At the time of the by-election the prospective MP, Willie Bain (who eventually won) stated that he was living in the constituency at the time but was, in fact, registered to vote in Hammersmith & Fulham, in London, where he was living.

Then there was the 'loss' of the official register of voters after the Glenrothes by-election, which was considered by all to be a potential win for the SNP, but was won by Labour candidate Lindsay Roy.
Official Glenrothes by-election results 'lost'

Going back even further was the scandal involving Mohammad Sarwar Labour MP for Glasgow Central who was not so politically correct in his use of Westminster's offices.
Sarwar inquiry could hit plan to win Muslim votes

I could go on listing the strange goings on within the Labour Party in Scotland but I think you are getting the gist.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did expert witness mislead to protect ministers

Here we have another case of this Labour government misdirecting the public over military matters.

Did expert witness mislead to protect ministers

The depths of dishonesty that this government is willing to plummet to has no bounds.