Monday, January 23, 2012

Labour's hypocrisy over pensions

It emerged today that the Labour leader, Ed Milliband, who has attacked the UK government's attempt to link state pensions from the current RPI [retail price index] to the lower inflation linked CPI [consumer prices index] which would save the UK treasury £7.5 billion a year to 2015, yet he has saved the Labour party nearly £4.5 million by linking its own workers' pensions to the CPI.

What's he got to laugh about? Oh, yes. He has saved his party £4.5 million by trampling over its own workers.

So why aren't the Unions, who back Labour, out in force to protect the pension rights of the workers from the Labour party? They did it against the ConDems. Or was this just political posturing on the Unions part and also on the Labour party's part too? The hypocrisy of this party and its backers knows no bounds.


  1. Look across the North Atlantic or the other way toward the States and you will find that no Nation has the patent on hypocrisy.

    I might add to look north, south, east or west.

    Take care and welcome,

  2. Mike,

    I do not disagree with you but my eyes are firmly set upon the Scottish Labour party and their masters in London. The Tory party, in Scotland, is an irrelevance and the only threat to Scottish independence will come from the Labour party; if they get their act together. Therefore, any dirt or double dealing that I can find about the Labour party I will try to bring to the attention of the Scottish voters.
    By the way, thanks for the welcome.

  3. The Labour party Scottish branch still believe and promote they are left wing which is as close as the Earth is to Jupiter. The union members will wake up one day lets hope they aren't to late to see how they have been lied to for decades.

    wv: conist

  4. CynicalHighlander,

    I think that the unions in Scotland are beginning to see this but are stuck with the so-called Labour party.