Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Unionists argument against Scottish independence

They haven't got one.
I have asked several Unionists why we should stay in the UK and not one has ever come up with a good reason why we should stay. They usually come up with reasons that have nothing positive to say about retaining the Union.
Scotland can't afford it: Yet we have been in surplus for years according to UK government figures and if you check out the debt the UK has it is far worse than Greece.
We wouldn't have a seat in the UN: Neither would England as the seat is currently occupied by the UK.
We couldn't afford to bail out the Scottish banks: What Scottish banks? The Bank of Scotland was taken over by the Halifax and is now called HBOS and RBS hasn't been a 'Scottish' bank for decades. The banks owners are the shareholders and not the country. It is like saying that if the company ScottishPower Ltd [HQ in Glasgow, listed on the London stock exchange and owned by Iberdrola] went bust then the Scottish taxpayer should bail it out. No, we shouldn't as it is owned by a Spanish company; so why should we bail it out? Just because a company has the name 'Scottish' in it doesn't mean that it is Scottish.

Anyway, you see the point. The Unionists cannot put forward one positive reason why we should stay in the Union.


  1. simples

    a good big one always beats a good little one....
    Thats the reason Salmond wants Scotland to remain Within the European 'UNION'

    In fact every single point Alex makes for scotland in the E.U is applicable to Scotland within the 'UNION' IN the UK.

    To be honest the economic argument for or against Independence to me is a shitty one.I dont believe in the end the final result will swing on 'How much money will i get'

    I if its all about money then we best all become Chinese or Australian

  2. The difference between the EU and the UK is that the Scottish government will have a vote in the EU; at this moment in time the Scottish government has NO vote in the UK.
    I agree with you about the money but far better to waft pound notes under the noses of the voters instead of principals. Personally, even if there was no oil or gas or whisky etc. I would still want independence because I don't want to be UK British; I want a decent parliament with a written constitution and would then be happy being Scottish British.

  3. Thank you sooooo much for ranting - I now have some good points to use in my essay that is all for Scottish Independence!