Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Newsnet Scotland

I was banned from using Newsnet Scotland because I expressed an opinion that Glaswegians have the right to call themselves 'Weegies'. I even gave them a list of sites where they [Newsnet Scotland] could see that the nickname 'Weegies' was in common use. It's ironic, really, that an online site professing to back the Scottish peoples against the biasedness of the British media [mainly the propaganda put out by the BBC Scotland newsdesk] is castigating and banning people from using the Scottish language [dialect]. I even asked if the term 'Auld Reekie' [Edinburgh] and 'Kettleboilers' [Dundee] was banned as well; no answer came the reply, apart from being banned from the site with no recourse to appeal.
I wonder if I had used the English nicknames of the Londoners [cockney], Newcastle [Geordies], Liverpool {scousers] or even Birmingham [Brummies] would I have been banned from an English site? I doubt it, but the people who run Newsnet Scotland are not willing to allow the Scottish peoples to use their own nicknames to describe themselves. This is PC [political correctness] gone too far.
Apart from that I still read the articles, which I find interesting, but cannot contribute to the postings; c'est la vie.


  1. Seems harsh. I don't think it derogatory, but I could be wrong.

    I've certainly only er heard it used in a warm affectionate way.

    Was this a "one off" or had you had previous run ins with them?

  2. I very seldom comment on NNS Gedguy. In fact it's not one of my regular reads unless the post is by Hazel or a few others.

    The comment section is like an SNP constituency meeting. If you disagree with anything the top table say then you're shunned and believe me, the believers know how to do shunning.

  3. Tris,

    "Was this a "one off" or had you had previous run ins with them?"

    Actually, I've backed them on several occasions against posters who have used the word 'traitor' in referring to Scottish politicians who are not of the SNP persuasion. I believe that the Unionists have a right to put forward their opinions without being slagged off.
    I suspect that this is just a fir of pique and he/she doesn't want to back down.

  4. Subrosa,

    I agree with you that it is a 'love in' but some of the articles are quite good.
    It is a pity that he/she cannot see the irony of it.

  5. I've browsed through NNS Ged.
    I don't think I fit in there..seeing as I hate windmills and the EU and multicultural big nanny statism.
    Dissenting views are not tolerated lol

  6. RM,

    It's not for everyone but any little piece of info that I can garner is worth the visit.

  7. Gedguy

    You just show how the Nationalists have a public and a personal persona at odds with each other. One which the snp in embarrassment try to suppress.

    'traitor' to be fair I can see why the Ultra Nationalist might think like that.
    I myself would point out there was a time in Scotland when Alex Salmond and the snp alongside most Nationalist would be hanging from a rope for holding the views they do..........

    Sighs deeply!

  8. Niko,

    I can't believe that I'm saying this but I actually agree with you. However, I'm sure that the party that you support is riddled with idiots as well.
    I suspect that the 'ultra-nats', whom we need, will, eventually, turn into mature people and have more important things to argue about like: "Why on Earth would anyone want to drink lager when there are perfectly decent beers out there?".

  9. Gedguy, I was banned too. I was 'e-talking' too Enneffess, (probably Nicoal Sturgeon), about re-industrializing Scotland, and then I was banned. I was in a debate with her, then Alex Porter butted into our debate, and I told him to bogoff, and I was banned. So I emailed him and told him he was a slap-head for banning me. Here's the article; (http://newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-opinion/671-gordon-morgan-a-suggested-direction-for-greater-justice-in-scotland.html).

    I wouldn't be bothered about NNS; I call then New-Snot Scutlund, because they think they are the new snobs of Scotland; all they are is a 'silo-ing' website, designed to speak to themselves.

    The truth is, they are yesterdays news; I study politics all around the world, and they have proved, (by Noone's inability to read the Local Elections), they don't know what they are doing. Roseanna Cunningham(illegal to make sign of the cross; Angus Robertson(Cyberbams), and Nicola Sturgeon(S-SM apologist); think they talk for Scotland, but they don't. It is the impetus of Scotland that wants independence, and it is the people of Scotland that will deliver our independence; not these decadent cretins that think they are 'trendy scutlund plc'.

    Things are going to change in Scotland dramatically, and these SNP MSP's won't be at the forefront of this change; keep believing you matter Gedguy, because it is the people of Scotland that matter, not these cretinous SNP MSP's that think they are 'oh-so-trendy'!