Friday, December 30, 2011

Religious faith in science

Just read an article put on by a friend in facebook.


The problem the professor has is the political clout of the 'believers'-especially in the USA-which is overpowering enough for those who wish to remain in employment to keep quiet. Until more people like him have the guts [or stupidity] to come forward and address this problem then the 'believers' will-and have won-the argument.


  1. Gedguy

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  2. Niko,

    Thanks for that I'll have a go now and try it out.

  3. The argument between believers and this includes atheists too(of which I am), is there has to be a clear division between maintained between individual/private belief systems and public verifiable knowledge. The Professor has set a clear line in the sand to take a the argument too. E.g. can a statement be proven by existing scientific methodologies, e.g. fairies live at the bottom of my garden, can not be verified. As compared to my garden has a greater area of grass than yours, which can. If statements are unverifiable then they should remain out of the public realm and remain the belief of individuals.

  4. Tamlabam,

    Exactly. The problem is that there are not enough scientists and teachers willing to put their head above the parapet.