Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scottish Affairs Committee questions

Interesting article in the 'Courier' about the questions asked by the Scottish Affairs Committee. That's the same committee which was boycotted by the SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford after abusive remarks by the committee chairman Labour MP Ian Davidson towards her. Anyway, back to the questions they ask:

1.  What is Scotland's share of the national debt?

What is rUK's share of the national debt?

2. How would North Sea oil revenues be defined and distributed?

Mind your own business that's up to us.
3. Would Scotland retain the use of sterling? If so, would it be fiscally independent?
Already answered, so why ask stupid questions? We will use the pound until it suits us otherwise.
4. What would be Scotland's credit rating?
It's going to be far better than yours come independence.
5. What is the potential impact of consitutional uncertainty on inward investment into the UK as a whole, and Scotland specifically, in the period before a referendum?
Same as before so why try to make a mountain out of a molehill? Oh, I forgot; you're Unionists and it's your job to put down Scotland as much as possible. Talk about leading questions!!!!
6. Would Scotland have a separate armed forces, and if so how would they be constituted, configured, funded and equipped?
We've already paid for that so, when independence happens, we will take back what is ours. Simples.
7. Would Scottish citizens continue to serve in English, Welsh and Northern Irish regiments and vice versa?
Why not? If they want to do that then that is up to them. We will not be a Stalinist state demanding that our citizens only fight for our country. Scotland has had a long history of its men fighting for other countries.
8. Will a passport be required to travel?
Sure, if you travel outside the EU. The best thing about independence is that we get our own passport.
9. Will Scottish citizens have free access to NHS services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and vice versa?
Why not? As long as they are not pretending to be resident in Scotland to get a better NHS than the English have.
10. Would Scotland automatically become a member of the EU?
Would England?
11. Would adopting the euro be a condition of entry?
Would it for the English?

Thanks to Melanie McKellar for bringing it to my attention over at 'Aye4Scotland' on Facebook.


  1. Replies
    1. Geez!!!!
      If this is true, and I have no information to the contrary, then the question is:
      Is this a covert operation [big style] or just plain fraud? I hope the US courts do pursue this matter but I suspect that it will be pushed into the long grass.

    2. Whether its true or not our whole global monetary system is not fit for purpose as it suits the favoured few and not the many.

      Punk Economics: Lesson 2

  2. Brilliant post... Loved the answers.

  3. Something for the citizens of Scotland to determine in a perfect world, but unfortunately as you know, our world is far from that. It's nice to know some on what's going on in your part of the world.

    Kind regards and best wishes to the people of Scotland,

    1. Hello stranger Mike,
      Thank you for your regards. Until the world is run by democratically elected representatives of the people instead of bankers then the world will never be perfect. Anyway, who in their right minds wants to live in a perfect world?