Friday, February 3, 2012

Free education in Scotland trying to be banned by House of Lords

Interesting article in Newsnet Scotland where the House of Lords are up in arms about Scotland's free education system. I would have commented there but I'm not allowed to log in [Dig at Newsnet over].
Again we see the Unionist peers trying to stir it up against the SNP's policy of free education. What they refused to mention was that Scotland cannot do anything about this as they are under the direction of the EU laws. If we were an independent nation then it would be possible for Scotland to try and have this silly law changed where a student from Greece can have free education in Scotland but a student from England can't. That 'right' is reserved to the UK government. So why aren't they doing anything about it. Could it be that it actually suits the UK government to keep this ridiculous law so that they can stir up trouble between the rest of the UK and the SNP's fair policies? Seemingly, one of the peers did speak up for the Scots but we didn't get to hear that on the radio broadcast [link on the Newsnet Scotland article]. Now there is a surprise.

The peers have two options that they can do to address this silly situation:
1. They can urge the UK government to go to the EU and have this stupid law adjusted so that rUK residents can apply for free education in Scotland, or
2. They can introduce a fairer system in England where their resident students can get free education too.

Will they do this, or, more to the point, did they mention this? No, of course not. This is a club to swing at the democratically elected government of Scotland and their fairer policies.
So why didn't the SNP Lords, in the chamber, stand up for the Scottish right to have free education? Well, the SNP don't have any Lords because they do not believe in the House of Lords as they think it is undemocratic and unfair. Hmm, I suppose our answer to those peers should be to Foxtrot Oscar and discuss things that are more relevant to the current situation in the UK instead of stirring political faeces. 


  1. It just shows London government houses are the most dysfunctional form of government in the history of mankind.

  2. Dysfunctional? Probably. Corrupt? Definitely.