Thursday, February 7, 2013

A draft Constitution for an independent Scotland

I was thinking about Alex Salmond's idea of drafting a constitution for Scotland and decided to get the ball rolling on this one. Those mentioned below are just ideas that need to be kicked around but, also, need to be treated with respect to the peoples of Scotland. I make no apologies for 'stealing' ideas from other countries.

1. The right to practise beliefs, be they religious or otherwise, without fear of reprisal.
2. The right to the pursuit happiness.
3. The right to free speech.
4. The right to defend the constitution from enemies of the state be they foreign or domestic.
5. The right to health and education.
6. The right to be free from oppressive governments.
7. The right to be free from debts not incurred by the peoples of Scotland.
8. The right to challenge laws that are against the constitution.
9. The right to express our sexuality or race without fear of retribution.
10. The right to life and the right to end one's own life.
11. The right to be equal under the law.

These are just for starters. Please feel free to add or even subtract what you want. 

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