Friday, January 22, 2010

The Labour Party and Scottish media conspiracy

It has now become abundantly clear to anyone keeping abreast of the political situation in Scotland that there is a dual purpose to the leader of the Labour Party in Holyrood, Iain Gray, asking questions to the FM in Holyrood which would lead one to think that this may be the case. One would naturally think that the leader of the opposition in Holyrood would be asking questions relating to matters concerning the good of Scotland. Instead we have a leader of the opposition, with the connivance of the Scottish media, including the BBC in Scotland, to contrive a situation where the media can attack the democratically elected Government of Scotland. Neither the leader of the opposition, nor the Scottish media, care to concern themselves with the well being of the Scottish people but would rather bring their considerable weight to bear upon the SNP, much to the disenfranchisment of the Scottish people.
Look at these stories in the Scottish press and then watch the real story at FMQs in Holyrood.
Calls for minister in royal row U-turn to go Check out the picture they put up and the writing underneath.
Antimonarchist minister wanted Queen's estate in 'dangerous' tourist map
Salmond demands probe into leak of letters about Balmoral security
Minister 'should quit' over Balmoral security row

Now, having read those articles check out the facts by watching the exchange between Alex and Iain in FMQs. When you have compared the two tell me that there is no connivance between the media in Scotland and the Labour Party.

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