Monday, December 7, 2009

Labour misusing council money

Well well well, the labour party in Prestonpans, in Scotland, have been using local taxpayers money to pay for a fund-raising barbeque for the Labour party.


In a statement, David Costello, chair of Prestonpans Labour Party, expressed "surprise" at the furore and said council support for the barbecue had been the result of a "long-standing agreement". So, the Labour party may have been illegally using local tapayers money for years and all they can say is it's a "long-standing agreement". Well, that's ok then. I wonder how an employee of a company, who has been ripping it off for years, would stand in court with the excuse that it was a "long-standing agreement"? More to the point, why isn't BBC Scotland News highlighting this blatant misuse of public money? Could it be that it may shed some bad light on their Labour masters in Scotland?
Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray in local donor row this article appeared in the BBC Scotland News website.

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