Saturday, November 7, 2009


We originally went into Afghanistan to take on the people who attacked the USA in 9/11. I'm still not convinced that this actually happened in the way that we are being told. I know that some of you on here think that I am a conspiracist, you have the right to think that, but stay with me a moment and just have a look at some of the evidence. I may be adding 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5, but I don't believe I am. The problem that we have is that people just don't want to believe that their, or any other government could do such a thing to their own people. Well, it isn't that hard to take in. We had a discussion a short time ago about the 8 million deaths in world war one, but what is also forgetten is that over 46 million people were invalided through arnaments or disease. So we have the leaders of the world, in that time, accepting losses of 54 million of their citizens to futher the aims of the national policy of the countries involved. It still hasn't changed. We know now that the second Iraq war was all about oil. Yet at the time we were told it was all about WMDs. How many brave soldiers died, on both sides, how many civilians died and were injured? The fact of the matter is that our leaders care nothing about the citizens that they pretend to represent because they are more interested in playing at 'big boy' games called world politics. It was the same for the Vietnam war. How come the USA, the biggest and most powerful state in the world, at that time, couldn't defeat a small country on the edge of the world. Remember the excuse that the Usa gave to send its troops over there to fight? It was to stop the domino effect of communist control in that part of the world. Remember that the USA had fought in the second world war on two fronts and succeeded in helping to destroy two highly mechanised military countries and yet couldn't defeat a third world nation? The truth is that it suited the USA, at that time, to subsidise it military industries which can only be done by war.

So let's look at the evidence of 9/11. Watch THIS and then tell me that this was a jet aircraft which flew into the pentagon. If this was not as the USA said it was then what was it? How come there is never a mention of the people who lost their lives in the jets which flew into the Twin Towers? Can anyone point to me where the list of all those that died in the planes which hit the Twin Towers are? We always hear about the plane that was brought down by it's passengers just outside of Washington but never, about the other planes. Why is that? Then there is the problem of the other building that collapsed (?) beside the Twin Towers; it wasn't hit so why did that collapse? Why was its collapse mentioned on TV by a British reporter when the building was still standing behind her.


  1. Well, I can easily believe that our government does care about the people. Just one point, though. You mention there not being lists of the civilians in the aircraft and there are. Perhaps that isn't talked about over here, but the lists do exist and the many of relatives of those who were on those planes have become well-known in the US. While there isn't much I would put past my government, I tend to doubt (only doubt, mind you) that they were behind the 9/11 attack. That didn't keep them from using it for their own ends to nearly destroy democracy in the US as well as an excuse for the wars that followed.

  2. Jeanne
    If the lists exist then I would be grateful if you could supply me with a lnk to the lists of people who died on the plane that struck the Pentagon and the Twin Towers as I have searched for them for ages and have never been able to find those lists.